Evolve Tours is an independent educational travel provider that puts experiential education first. Being independent means that we are able to fully customize any tour, from middle school graduation trips, to high school curriculum-based trips and even community service programs.

Our groups visit authentic attractions, immerse themselves in local cultures and traditions, participate in interactive activities, and gain an appreciation of the unique way of life of their travel destination. We inspire students and teachers in ways they didn’t know possible and make sure our trips provide more than expected.

We are proud to work with amazing schools from around the world, from North America, Europe, South America and beyond.

Our notorious Tour Coordinators have a wealth of knowledge about the culture, language, and people in the areas we travel. This foundation helps them plan all of the intricate details for each one of our tours; from programming, accommodations, transportation, to mouth-watering meals. While on tour, our remarkable Tour Staff guide our groups, coordinate all services and plan leadership activities and special programming that helps ensures our service guarantee.