Holiday Architects

We’re a company on the move and we want more great people to join us on the journey. We’re extremely ambitious growing by 75% in 2015, 50% in 2016, and are 80% up for 2017 to-date, with no plans to moderate our growth. What we believe sets us apart is not just this remarkable growth, but our critical mission statement: to be a large, successful travel company without ever compromising the respect we have for our staff, our suppliers, and our clients. Most of us have probably worked for companies that start to apply unpleasant levels of pressure to staff, suppliers and clients in the pursuit of profits, and being in those companies is seldom much fun! We aim to be the antidote to that. We create tailor-made holidays for the mid and upper end of the market to a growing portfolio of destinations, and we aim to do this following our three values of: First-Hand Knowledge | Sensible Prices | Honest Opinions.

Our office culture is very important to us. By employing only the most capable and experienced staff, we are able to adopt flexible attitudes to working hours and days. There is no expectation that you must be at your desk at set times every single day; work from the same desk every day, or indeed work from the office every single day; there is no expectation that you must hit a raft of ever more complex KPIs every month. Too many working practices in our industry are outdated – we want to challenge that and deliver a 21st century office environment, without ever compromising the desire for growth and success. We can operate like this because everyone knows what great behaviour and great performance look like, and everyone willingly signs up to deliver them.