Why post your job here?

So of all the job boards in all the world why should you pay up and post your job here?

Short answer, JobsInTravel.Work is what used to be called Wanderlust Travel Jobs, a job board run by leading UK travel magazine Wanderlust. During that time, we had a great success rate at finding suitable applications to fill the roles advertised and built up a 20,000+ email list of active job hunters. Unlike some email lists, this one is cleaned regularly so we're pretty confident that we can find you the perfect applicant to fill your vacancy.

Finally, our pricing structure means that we've got the product to suit you, from a single job listing to multi-packs of listings to unlimited listings for larger companies or recuitment agencies.

Our website is fully responsive, meaning that people can be looking at your listing while on the train on the way home, dreaming of that perfect next move.


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